Rebuild a Relationship

There are millions of people every year who reach a point in their relationship that they don’t know what to do next. The arguments and the chasm that develops between them due to a lack of understanding or poor communication makes it nearly impossible to find common ground without outside help. That’s where Relationship Recovery comes in - a powerful, ground breaking tool to help you repair your failing relationship, PRODUCT NAME will help you find the common ground you need to truly make progress.

Relationships have their ups and downs. During the ups, it can feel as though you are on the top of the world. Like you are standing on clouds of gold and diamonds, experiencing the world beneath you from your perfect relationship perch.

Then you get to the downs, and the higher your ups are, the lower your downs feel. Even great relationships can fall upon hard times, and when they do, you need to rebuild your relationship back up again, climbing ever so slowly until you are back in the clouds.

How to Rebuild a Relationship

Rebuilding a relationship is not an overnight activity. It takes time and effort – time and effort that you need to put into the relationship, no matter what its current status. Just by visiting this website you have shown that you have the drive necessary to rebuild a relationship. Your next step is to start building.

Step 1: Identify the Problem

Relationships end for a variety of reasons. You need to identify every reason if you want to start to rebuild your relationship. Relationships end because of:

  • Fights
  • Stress
  • Money
  • Infidelity
  • Distance

It’s also never just one event that ended the relationship. If you want to rebuild, you need to identify every problem over the entire course of your relationship, from beginning to end. A single fight never ends a good relationship. A single fight ends a relationship when there are other, quieter, more persistent problems.

Step 2: Fix the Problems

To rebuild a relationship, you need to start to address each of the problems, starting with what you can change about yourself. In order to create a truly strong relationship again, you need to try your best to identify and address every problem you can reasonably change.

This is a step you cannot skip, even if you get back into your relationship and things appear to be as normal. Imagine your relationship like a house with termites, where termites represented your relationship problems. Over time, the termites ate away at the house until the entire building fell. You are trying to rebuild the house, but the house cannot stand for very long if you rebuild it with the same termite infested wood. You need to start with stronger, better, longer lasting, termite resistant wood.

Take the time to try to fix the problems, even as your relationship is healing.

Step 3: Maintain and Grow

Finally, you cannot rebuild a relationship by simply making a few changes and then forgetting about them. You must also maintain those changes and try to continue to grow as a person. Any time you notice a problem, address it and fix it before it eats away at your relationship.

Over time, you will notice that not only is your relationship completely rebuilt, but it is better than it ever was. Before it had problems that caused it to break down. Now it is in a much stronger place, and you are there to continue to help it grow.

Be Patient – You CAN Rebuild Your Relationship

Some couples jump in and out of their relationship like they’re playing Frogger. They rebuild their relationship and decide that they’re done, and everything is back to normal. Yet you don’t want your relationship to be back the way it was. You want your relationship to be better – stronger – so that it never ends again.

Not long ago, you and your partner were madly in love. Your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife made you happy, and you made them happy, and the two of you had a wonderful relationship that seemed to be on top of the world.

You can get to that point again, except this time it will be even better, because you’ll get there knowing that your foundation is stronger and you rebuilt your relationship even better. As long as you are willing to put forth the effort, you will be able to build your relationship back up again and put you and your partner back in the clouds.


Despite these tips and strategies, it is important to ensure you're making the types of changes that will help you relationship grow stronger, and there are more changes than just what I've mentioned above. Try the Magic of Making Up if you want a great resource for improving your relationship's health.