The Truth about Love

The Truth about Love

The Truth about Love 150 150 Rebuild a Relationship

As any teenager can tell you, falling in love is easy. What an adult will tell them is that it is the staying in love part that is more difficult. The whirlwind feeling of falling in love will not last forever and eventually a couple’s feelings will cool. If a couple does not take the necessary steps to work on their relationship, you can fall out of love just as easily as you fell in love.

Falling in Love

Most people find that falling in love is a passive experience for both parties. Your emotions take over and your brain chemistry changes when you are falling in love so that you need less sleep and you have more energy. Falling in love comes naturally and it is overwhelming for most.

Those feelings of intensity do not last forever though. Most studies report that this magical feeling will usually last an average of two years before it wears off. As that happens, some couples fall out of love with each other.

Falling Out of Love

Just as falling in love can be passive, falling out of love can be passive if you don’t fight for your relationship. As time goes on, many feel as though their relationship has gone stale and they worry about their future. Others question if they are with the right person.

Many couples will say, “We just fell out of love,” and that is correct for many who don’t put any effort in. It is at this stage that some couples who want to fight for their relationship seek couples counseling. Choosing to work through these feelings takes hard work and dedication but the end result is worth it.

If you and your partner are feeling the two year slump, contact me today to schedule an intake appointment and start taking your relationship to the next level.