Approach to Therapy

Every couple is unique. That is why our approach to therapy is integrative. Although we subscribe to specific psychological principles, we believe that every person should be looked at like a unique individual, and given specific therapies and counseling plans that are beneficial for their specific problems and their distinct personality.

About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

If we had to choose a single discipline, we would consider ourselves cognitive behavioral therapists. We believe very strongly in cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT. We have been a CBT therapist in <<City>> for many years, and continue to believe that it is helpful in our practice, because CBT is:

  • Evidence Based – CBT has been shown in thousands of studies to be beneficial.
  • Goal Oriented – With CBT, we’re always looking to see real change and outcomes.
  • Less Existential – CBT doesn’t pass blame or focus heavily on issues of your distant past.

CBT focuses on how to improve thought processes (cognitions) and how to take control over behaviors that affect the way you feel. CBT has been helping individuals improve their emotional and mental health for decades, with solutions that are effective both for those struggling with diagnosable disorders, and those that simply need someone to talk to in their daily life.

Other Therapeutic Styles

However, we also believe that many clients benefit from integrating other approaches into their treatment. That is why we also integrate other popular, effective therapeutic styles, including:

  • Client Centered Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Mindfulness Based Strategies

Each of these can be beneficial, especially for those looking for direction and guidance in their daily life, beyond their specific mental health issues.

About Our Couples Therapy Approach

For couples, we adapt my approach based on your struggles and personalities. We have experience providing many effective strategies, including the Gottman Method, Integrative-Behavioral Couples Therapy, and Emotion Focus Therapy, and we also work with many partners individually with talk based approaches that benefit your relationship.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

Your therapeutic needs are unique for you. As <<City>> couples counselors, it’s our job to connect with you on a personal level, determine what will work best for your needs, and adapt accordingly. Give us a call today at 1-403-879-2503 to schedule your first appointment, and to talk about possible next steps.