4 Common Reasons Couples Visit Relationship Counselors

4 Common Reasons Couples Visit Relationship Counselors

4 Common Reasons Couples Visit Relationship Counselors 150 150 Rebuild a Relationship

There are many reasons that couples may decide to seek the help of a <<City>> therapist. However, there are some common themes that counselors deal with when partners are looking for help with their relationship. As a <<City>> therapist, I have worked with many couples who are dealing many relationship concerns, including the following.


Dealing with infidelity is a common reason that couples seek a therapist. Recovering from an affair or deciding whether to work through it can be incredibly complicated. I can help couples to address the reason behind the infidelity and to work through any trust issues or other feelings that came up after the affair.

Lifestyle Changes

Major life changes can have a serious impact in the stability of a relationship. Making a career change, moving to a new area, or becoming parents can easily upset the original rhythm of a relationship. I work with couples to help them identify their needs and expectations while working through changes to make transitions smoother.

Communication Problems

Communication is key to a healthy and happy relationship. When couples struggle with their communication, it can make every other part of the relationship more difficult. I work closely with couples to help them learn new skills and learn to communicate better with each other.

Not Feeling in Love

Many of the couples I see are struggling with feeling in love with each other. Couples counseling can be a great way for partners to learn strategies to help them bond again and rekindle some of their lost spark.

I am comfortable working with couples who are dealing with these types of issues, or any others suck as addictions, mental health problems, parenting issues, and more. If you are ready to work to make your relationship is more solid, contact me today for an intake appointment.