Getting Your Ex Back Advice

There are a lot of steps you need to take if you want to get back with an ex. There is little room for error, because if you make a lot of mistakes you will push your ex away, and then they may never want to renew their relationship with you.

There is a lot of get your ex back advice both online and offline. Much of it is relatively simple, and makes a lot of cognitive sense:

  • Don’t Over-Contact
  • Exercise
  • Focus on Yourself

These are all fairly simple, and their benefits are obvious. Contacting your ex too much will push them away, exercising will get you to look more attractive in their eyes, focusing on yourself will help you become a better person. All of these are fairly straight forward, and though there are different ways to go about these activities, their benefits to you are certainly obvious. When you are looking for more in depth get your ex back advice, here are a few less obvious tips.

Getting Back Together With Your Ex

  • Dating Other People – Sometimes dating other people can be good for renewing your relationship. Other times it can be bad. It depends on how much time has passed. If you just broke up and hope to get back with your ex, it’s not a good idea to see other people. Rebounds can only make it harder to get back in a relationship. If a lot of time has passed, dating other people can help give you perspective, and that perspective will help you maintain any changes you need to appreciate your ex more in the future.
  • Making Love – In a world where equality is important, how to get back with your ex does in part depend on your gender. It’s not uncommon for broken up couples to hook up once in a while in a moment of weakness. Interestingly, research has shown that it can be beneficial for men who want to get back with their exes, but harmful for women that want to get back with their exes. If you’re a man trying to get back with your ex-girlfriend and the two of you have a chance to sleep together, go for it. If you are a woman, wait it out until the two of you are in a relationship again.
  • Friendly Advice – Your friends are probably in relationships with partners that they once broke up with. They probably have personal stories about how they did it. Don’t follow their advice. There is a right and wrong way to get back with your ex, and chances are your friends did it the wrong way. Remember, you don’t just want to get back with your ex. You want to get back with your ex in a way that will allow your relationship to last. Getting back with your ex the wrong way dooms your relationship to failure.

Get Your Ex Back Advice

Getting back with your ex is a complicated process that takes a lot of work. There is good timing and bad timing. There are conditional actions to take depending on your gender. There are also right and wrong ways to get back with your partner. Only by going through the right processes will you be able to reconcile and start your relationship over again.