Tips for Mending Relationships

There is little doubt that communication plays an important role in mending relationships. If you and your partner do not communicate, there is no way for you to address the problems that affect you. What is interesting about communication, however, is that how you communicate changes depending on the current status of your relationship. Let’s look at three different examples of the best way to communicate when mending the following relationships.

3 Types of Communication

  • Broken Relationships – Mending current relationships involves a great deal of communication. You need to be open about all of your problems so that the two of you can discuss what is causing each of the problems and how both of you can address them. As long as you do not shower your partner with blame, you need to discuss every problem that occurs as often as possible to help make sure you can successfully heal your relationship.
  • Recent Exes – Mending relationships with an ex is much different. Once you have broken up, you actually need to give each other time before you even say one word to each other. Then, when you are ready to talk about your relationship, you need to stay away from talking about the serious problems until after you have already started a friendly dialogue between the two of you. Start talking too early and bring up your problems and you will only reinforce the breakup.
  • Post Breakup/Back with Ex – Once you get your ex back, the communication changes again. Mending relationships that have ended once do require you to be a little extra careful. You MUST communicate problems that may affect your relationship. However, you must also do a great deal of self reflection first. Ask yourself:-How much do you care about the problem?
    -Is there something you can change rather than your ex?
    -Will the problem affect your relationship?It is vital you talk about problems that may impact your relationship, but getting back with an ex always puts your relationship on thin ice. You cannot simply run at them with every problem you have. You need to make sure that the problems are really problems in the first place, and ask yourself if there is a way that you can change first to make the problem go away before you discuss it.

Mending Relationships

Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship. But as you can see from the examples above, there is not one single fool-proof method of communicating. In fact, unless you communicate with your partner correctly, you can actually do more harm than good. Communication is great, but make sure you communicate the right way.