Relationship Trouble and How to Solve It

Relationships take a lot of work. Ask anyone in a healthy relationship and they will tell you that they make sure their partner is happy every day. Relationships involve being selfless, caring, and understanding. They involve building a strong foundation that can withstand the daily pressures of life. Even for successful couples, relationships are never easy.

When you run into relationship trouble, it can start to seem like the world around you is collapsing, because the relationship has been the one constant for all of these days, months, and years. Below are three examples of how to help reduce those problems and make your relationship strong once again.

3 Steps Towards Reducing Relationship Problems

  • Create New Memories – One of the main ways to make a relationship stronger is to create memories together. Every time you go to the same restaurant or the same coffee shop, you are simply reliving a memory – you are not making new memories. So instead, find something the two of you like, and find a new place to do it very week. For example, if you like coffee shops, make it a goal that you try to find a new coffee shop every time until you have gone to every coffee shop in the city. Then see if there are any other cities in driving distance.
  • Find a Moderator – Relationships therapy has become a cliché joke on many sitcoms. Yet if used correctly it can be invaluable for helping with your relationship problems. It is not just the therapy itself – it is having someone you can trust that can help act as a moderator between both of your problems and arguments. Discussing with each other can lead to arguments, but discussing with an impartial third party can help you get perspective on your thoughts.
  • Start Over – Back when you started dating, your relationship was new and exciting. If it wasn’t, you probably would not have been dating for very long. Relationship problems often relate to losing that novelty. The best solution then is to start dating each other as though it was the first time. Start from the beginning. Kiss on the first date, hold hands on the second, and progress your relationship as though you are impressing someone brand new in your life.

Healing Relationships

Relationships can be healed. There are very few differences that are irreconcilable, because we, as human beings, have the ability to change and adapt where necessary. When you have relationship problems you can solve them as long as you are willing to put forth the effort it takes to make these changes.