Injecting Life into an Unhappy Relationship

No relationship is perfect. Even happy relationships have ups and downs. Yet sometimes the downs start to outweigh the ups, leading to an unhappy relationship. When your relationship starts to struggle, there are a variety of different tools and techniques you can use to heal your relationship. One of the most effective strategies is to start exercising together.

Benefits of Exercising With Your Partner

Exercise. It may seem like a joke, but going to the gym and working out with your partner can go a long way to rebuilding your unhappy relationship. Exercise has a variety of benefits that make it one of the strongest tools for repairing bad relationships, in addition to improving your own health in the process.

Physical Attraction

Physical attraction is at the base of all attraction. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be physically attracted to your partner, and making sure your partner is physically attracted to you. The more in shape you are the more physically attractive you become, and that renewed attraction can help rebuild an unhappy relationship.

Reduced Stress/Anxiety

Couples often fight because they are feeling energized and on edge. The gym is a great place to reduce that energy. Physical activities like weight lifting and running deplete your natural energy which makes you calmer and less prone to outbursts of frustration or anger.

Shared Activity

Working out at the gym together is an activity that the two of you are sharing together. All healthy shared activities go a long way towards fixing unhappy relationships, and the time the two of you spend together at a gym is no different.


Exercise releases endorphins, which are essentially chemicals in your brain that help you feel good. When you experience these good feelings in the presence of your partner, you start to associate those good feelings with your partner.

Go Exercise Together

Exercise is one of only a few tools you can use to rebuild a relationship, but it is easily one of the most effective. Unhappy relationships are hard on both you and your partner. It takes a lot of work to heal a relationship. Joining a gym and exercising together is one of the easiest to implement.